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Top 20 PropTech Companies in APAC - 2021

The real estate industry has been comparatively slow to pick up on the benefits of marketing technology and automation. However, numerous elements of real estate management are better handled by machines than humans. While the property industry has been relatively slow on the uptake of automation, it’s not immune to the challenges and opportunities that technology presents and that perceived inertia is rapidly turning around and impacting the way we buy, sell, rent, manage and interact with our properties right now.

Advanced technologies such as IoT and cognitive technologies, along with augmented reality and virtual reality applications in construction, are bringing in an enhanced user experience to real estate, thereby improving the bottom line of the real estate space. The proliferation of the internet and innovations has brought transparency and efficiency to real estate practices. Realtors are becoming technologically savvy by implementing applications and software that offer real-time information regarding real estate processes. Intelligent building applications with comprehensive features are delivering extraordinary tenant experience and satisfaction.

While drones, AR, and VR are busy setting up the visual touring of rental spaces, IoT is impacting predictive maintenance and improving the energy efficiency of buildings. With virtual tools and software, properties can be viewed virtually in the comfort of the customer’s home. In the wake of the emergence of PropTech, it is crucial to partner with the right vendor. This edition features some of the most promising PropTech solution providers that offer exceptional solutions and revolutionize the real estate industry with their offerings. We hope this issue of the PropTech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to foster technologically-driven business culture.

We present to you PropTech Outlook’s “Top 20 PropTech Companies in APAC – 2021.”

    Top PropTech Companies in APAC

  • CoreLogic is a leading, independent provider of property data and analytics. Its extensive breadth and depth of knowledge gathered over the last 30 years gives them one of the most comprehensive property databases and visibility on more than 10 million properties in Australia. CoreLogic provides property research and data services across a wide range of industries, including Banking & Finance, Real Estate, Government, Insurance and Construction and operate two consumer-facing portals - and - providing important insights for people looking to buy or sell their home or investment property

  • R.E.A.’s mission is to provide Accessible Organized Property Data with Empowering Tailored Solutions, starting with Asia. This is then complemented progressively by a wide array of images, listings, energy, and building characteristics. The company developed a set of unique algorithms to derive more data (extraction or extrapolation) and intricate ‘tools’ that can be assembled to offer a tailored solution with a specific set of users in mind. The data and tools are then put together to be accessible in unique ways.

  • Realbot is a cutting-edge next-generation virtual agent that engages with customers 24/7/365 to build trust, accelerate customer engagement and generate revenue. The bot secures leads from landing pages, live chats, social media channels, and more, which it automatically dispenses to the client-agency. With automated digital marketing that drastically reduces marketing costs, 24/7 customer engagement, instant analytics & insights on properties, Realbot claims the title of a one-stop-shop for agencies, builders and developers.

  • AES Technologies

    AES Technologies

    AES Technologies is a leading Real Estate Application Provider. AES was established and registered in The Republic of Singapore and it is operating in Singapore and Vietnam. AES is committed to enhance and upgrade the Asia Real Estate profession. Through its essential Real Estate Applications and Tools, AES will improve the efficiency of the profession and also enable the business owners to have an overview of their business and strategy planning



    BUILK has started off by being Asia’s first ever free online application for the construction business management under a goal to digitize the construction industry since 2010. Today, there are more than 25,000 SMEs construction businesses in five countries within the Southeast Asia - Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. BUILK develops 100% free software for the small and medium contractors with sponsorship from construction material brands, modern trades, manufacturers, banks, and real estate developers

  • Equiem


    Equiem is a global leader in commercial tenant experience technology, working with leading property owners and managers in the global real estate industry to breathe life into their buildings

  • Homelander


    Homelander creates interactive experiences for greater impact and strong customer engagement leading to faster off-the-plan property sales. Homelander are the creators of Australia’s first 3D Property Marketplace, connecting builders, developers and home buyers through state of the art digital solutions. Utilising secured real time data, users can view and select land from Homelander's registered estates, match and customise home designs and gain an instant visual understanding of the property. This creates a synergy between the builder and the land estate, making for an enhanced customer experience and a streamlined sales journey, allowing home buyers to make a purchase with confidence

  • HotelKey


    HotelKey PMS, trusted by more than 2,500 properties, has direct connectivity to all major OTAs/GDS channels

  • Inspace


    Inspace is an inventor and provider of property visualisation technology and services. From CGI artists and software engineers to customer success superstars and real estate veterans, Inspace houses an unorthodox team assembled around one goal — to change the way its clients sell and lease properties, for the better

  • iStaging


    iStaging is a leading provider of out-of-the-box augmented and virtual reality solutions such as virtual showrooms, virtual exhibitions, virtual tradeshows and virtual tours

  • Ohmyhome


    Ohmyhome is Singapore’s leading PropTech marketplace for housing transactions, and a CEA licensed real estate agency which simplifies housing transactions for buying, selling, and renting

  • Point of Rental Software

    Point of Rental Software

    Named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America in three of the last four years, Point of Rental Software provides smart, scalable rental and inventory management software to over 4,800 business locations of all sizes and industries. With offices in the UK, USA, and Australia, Point of Rental offers the global rental and hire industry unparalleled customer support and award-winning products designed to streamline operations

  • Pricefinder


    As a leading property intelligence platform in Australia since 1989, Pricefinder delivers data to banking, insurance, media, real estate and government industries; making it easier to navigate data for better insights. With comprehensive data on every property in Australia, the customers will know more with Pricefinder

  • PropertyBank


    PropertyBank is an award-winning one-stop consultancy firm that offers customised solutions for all your commercial real estate needs. The firm specialise in helping buyers and tenants find their ideal office, industrial and retail space, backed by its extensive network and team of experienced property consultants. PropertyBank offers sound advice on property occupation and investment strategies, asset management, development and building consultancy. With its breakthrough products, excellent service, high personal attention and expert staff with years of knowledge, PropertyBank achieves extraordinary results for businesses

  • PropTech Group Limited

    PropTech Group Limited

    PropTech Group limited is an ASX listed public company that owns, operates and invests in leading PropTech SaaS businesses, in select mature markets beginning with Australia, New Zealand and UK

  • REA Group

    REA Group

    REA Group Limited (ASX:REA) is a leading digital business specialising in property. Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in 1999, the Group operates Australia’s No.1 residential and commercial property websites, and, as well as the market-leading property sites in Asia, and other property sites and apps internationally. For its employees, R.E.A. offers an environment that encourages individual growth and learning, along with the acquisition of new skills, while fostering a team spirit built on the idea that shared goals are more powerful when achieved together

  • RealestateMY


    From building property websites to supplying with property buyer and seller leads, RealestateMY make sure real estate branding and digital marketing is effective and producing results

  • Reapit


    Reapit is a leading provider of Property CRM and Client Accounting software solutions for estate agents in the UK and Australia, with a proven track record of delivering more than 20 years of innovation to the property market through a market-leading portfolio of award-winning solutions. Together, Reapit provides software solutions to over 33,000 users in 5,000 offices, and manages in excess of 200,000 tenancies across the UK and Australia. Staying ahead of the competition and meeting the constantly evolving needs of consumers require a digital platform that tracks, progresses and reports on your business – all in one place. Reapit offers the only fully integrated CRM on the market for managing the entire customer journey, providing estate agents with the technology they need to put growth on repeat in all market conditions

  • Urbanise


    With remote asset monitoring, dynamic workforce management, property accounting and an e-commerce portal for building occupants, the Urbanise platform completely transforms the traditional approach to building operations

  • Zweispace


    Zweispace is helping real estate industry with the power of technology and to improve the customers beyond. Zweispace develops real estate applications, include in Robot Architect AutoCalc and Earthquake Resistant Measurement Application Namazu, and patented blockchain applications in real estate industry. In 2019, Zweispace are awarded Top PropTech Company in APAC region, also awarded Smart Contract patens, Robot Architect AI and IoT patents, including earthquake solution technologies. Zweispace developed inheritance smart contract with its Smarter Contract platform, and started to provide solutions in construction and financial industry as well. Zweispace was selected as Plug and Play batch in 2020 and won the start up award in real estate and construction domain at the summer summit